How do I integrate spring into my event?

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Summer is finally coming and as soon as the sun shines everyone longs for the outdoors! Why not use outdoor facilities for our next event?

The purpose of a corporate event is to achieve the right effect and to leave a lasting impression on the guests. Whether it is a business event or just a relaxing meeting for your staff or customers, choosing an event location with a garden or a terrace is always a good idea for success!



What are the benefits of an outdoor event?


 1. A positive experience

Sunlight and fresh air always ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Your guests will enjoy networking moments much more in the open air than in a covered area.

 2. Creative catering & entertainment

In an outdoor location you have far more possibilities to be creative with catering & entertainment. Treat your guests, for example, with a fun BBQ or an activity using an inflatable game trail!


 outdoor events 2


3. Decoration and personalization

Let your guests enjoy and dream. A cocktail bar always gives a more fun effect when it is installed in open air, even more when you combine it with trendy lounge furniture and beachside decoration. At nightfall, candlelight and torches can provide an extra cozy atmosphere.


What should you take into account when choosing your outdoor event location?


1. Prepare a plan B

Even if the weather forecasts look perfect, you may still encounter unexpected surprises.

The use of a roofing such as stretch tents and patio warmers is definitely recommended but if rain and cold strike it is nice if you also have a back-up solution at the location itself. So be sure to check whether an indoor solution is available.


outdoor events 1


2. Limit the extra costs

Ask what material the venue makes available in terms of furniture, roofing, heating elements, lighting and sound. Discuss well what is included in the price, so that you will not be faced with unforeseen costs later on. Do not forget to check whether the location can also offer the necessary technical support and until which time they have permission for noise.

 3. Exclusive use of the location

In many lovely outdoor locations you are not the only potential client on a sunny day. You will stand next to other people with your guests and will have to share the location which is not ideal. Be sure to ask if the outside location can be privatized for your group.

 4. Custom catering

Every event stands or falls with tasty high-quality catering. Always discuss the options for theme catering, barbecue or a trendy cocktail bar in advance and make clear agreements regarding material, decoration and budget.


outdoor events 3


Do you feel itchy to organize your outdoor event yourself?


The BluePoint venues in Antwerp, Brussels and Liège are waiting for you. Book the trendy roof terrace in Antwerp for your reception or barbecue. Enjoy the beautiful and spacious garden (700 m²) in the heart of Brussels or the impressive inner square of BluePoint Liège.

On sunny days, these are ideal settings for your next spring or summer event. The advantage of the locations is that there is always an indoor alternative provided. The spaces are also perfect for combining a meeting or presentation with an outdoor lunch or activity.

Contact us via or +32 2 706 88 00 for a visit of our venues in Antwerp, Brussels or Liège.