How can you remotely brainstorm in a crisis situation?

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Are you stuck at home? Do climatic, political or health conditions force you to confine yourself? And yet, your team meetings must be maintained to ensure the continuity of your activities. Have you ever thought of organizing a brainstorming meeting to unblock the situation?

In times of crisis, a brainstorming session between colleagues could allow you to approach a problem from a new angle and make the right decisions while advancing projects and anticipating difficulties. Fortunately, the new digital online brainstorming platforms not only allow you to conduct a confidential and productive brainstorming session, but also to remain creative, even from a distance!

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We have all had the experience of participating in a brainstorming session that did not achieve the desired results. Here are some tools that will help you get the most out of your next remote brainstorming session using Nureva's real-time collaboration tool:

1. Be Prepared

When scheduling the meeting, include a "brainstorming briefing" with your invitation. This should state the purpose of the brainstorming and any relevant background documents. This will allow participants to take time to familiarize themselves with the topic before the brainstorming begins and will also encourage others to share information on forehand. Don't forget to send the link to your canvas that you have prepared in advance, which will serve as a support for all the ideas generated in real time during your virtual brainstorming meeting.

2. Take advantage of digital technology

One of the reasons why digital whiteboards work so well in brainstorming sessions is that by writing and drawing each idea, participants are likely to see the connection and relationship between the ideas, which is a very important part of brainstorming sessions. Therefore, prefer to use a tablet, if you have one. It will allow you to be more creative. Use tools such as notes, sketches, custom templates, screen sharing and much more.

However, thanks to digital brainstorming tools, it is now possible to participate in a session, regardless of your location in the world or your communication tool (computer, smartphone, tablet), provided you have a WIFI connection.

In a world where we are no longer immune to a health crisis, the use of digital communication tools is proving to be highly effective in maintaining the continuity of economic activities. Isolation is therefore no longer an obstacle to the exchange of ideas.

Moreover, thanks to the "cloud", all the ideas and information exchanged will remain available for the realization of your conclusions or the resumption of your session in the same place where you left it.

3. Choose the time and if possible a custom environment

The best ideas arise more often in a creative and relaxed atmosphere than around a conference table in your own office. When no  seclusionis needed, you can make use of a creative space in combination with remote technology.

When it comes to picking the right time for a brainstorming session, prefer the morning to the afternoon, because the minds will be sharper then.

Don't organize brainstorming sessions too regularly, so you don't get the opposite effect. A monthly meeting is generally recommended.

4. Use an experienced facilitator

An outside facilitator can help you conduct your creative brainstorming session. An expert will know when to push for more ideas and how to focus the discussion when participants disperse. Facilitators will not have the intimidating effect that a direct collaborator might have. They can easily redirect ideas that are not relevant or productive, without embarrassing others.

5. Share your findings instantly

Real-time digitization of ideas makes it easy to export them in any format. It will then be possible to process the data off-line and share your findings without delay. The sooner you share them, the more you will leave your participants feeling that their collaboration has led to answers and solutions to the initial problem.


Need help organizing a connected brainstorming session?

At the Tech.Lounge in Antwerp and Brussels you can enjoy all the benefits of the Brainstorm Lounge and the Brainstorm Arena with the Nureva Span wall. The system combines a multitouch surface with 40 point sensitivity with an ultra-short focal length HD projector to give highly collaborative teams the tools they need to achieve revolutionary results.

During the brainstorming session, you will have a 3-meter long digital wall that can be easily used by multiple participants at the same time. An added benefit is that you, and all other participants, can place content and digital post-its to be shared on the web from your own device to fill the surface with a multitude of individual ideas.

The result is effective collaboration between colleagues thanks to Nureva's intelligent wall technology. Use our Brainstorm Areas to generate more ideas, and better prioritize, organize and refine them. Your brainstorm sessions around projects and actuality will become more productive and effective.

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