Here’s why hosting offsite meetings is a good idea!

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With working from home still fresh in our minds, you might ask what the benefits are to hosting your meeting offsite when being back at the office is still somewhat of a novelty.

When it comes to meetings, sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the perfect setting.
Some people like meeting at their own office, and others may like to step outside to another location to catch up.

We've compiled our top 3 reasons to consider using an offsite venue for your next meeting!


1.       Offsite meetings add a sense of importance

A meeting in-house may be “just another meeting.” But an offsite meeting can show attendees that this event is really special, which enhances the motivation.  Letting your team know that your taking the meeting offsite, breaks with the norm and lets your team know you mean business.  They'll likely come better prepared and more ready to engage than if you just book that same old meeting room. A simple location change could generate some unexpected, and impressive, results.

Offsite meetings can revitalise and energise employees. Due to the investment in being invited, employees believe they are important and trust that their contribution matters. Because everyone has committed to leaving normal work behind for a day, they are more likely to fully engage with the topic of the meeting.

2.       Boost creativity and productivity!

The benefits of taking meetings offsite, are especially important when you're making strategic decisions or want to brainstorm.

A change in the physical environment can make an enormous difference when brainstorming new ideas. Meeting in the same office space can starve the brain of stimulation.  Even the smallest change in atmosphere has a big impact on an individual’s mood and attitude. It is observed that employees tend to have a better perspective on things and actively participate in brainstorming sessions at these offsite meeting locations. 

Offsite venues also enable employees to break out of their office personalities and relate to one another in different ways, which can generate meaningful, creative ideas.

3.       There’s nothing like face-to-face networking  

We've all become super familiar with how technology has allowed us to work almost anywhere. We can communicate regularly, quickly, and inexpensively through email and videoconferencing but we still think there's no substitute for meeting in person.

Getting to sit in the same room as your team is really important! You can pick up on non-verbal cues which are easily missed over the phone or by video chat.  The hand gestures, facial expressions and other nuances allow members to better relate to one another - improving morale and creating a more functional team and better results.


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So how about taking your next meeting offsite? 

Not every meeting should be offsite, but there are many reasons to consider this option. A new venue gives your team a fresh approach to their work and each other. It can be a memorable occasion where important skills are discovered, and bonds are made.

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