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Technology and events, it is an essential combination in the world of live communication and event marketing. With the right technology, there are so many possibilities to make your event as efficient as possible, to free you from certain tasks or simply to make your event stand out! The use of innovative technologies allows you to take your event to the next level. And BluePoint takes care of that!

The BluePoint locations in Antwerp, Brussels and Liège are located on the outskirts of the city and offer more than 50 meeting, conference and event rooms.  This means that you have a broad choice of different types of rooms for small and large gatherings. Events from 10 to 600 people can take place at BluePoint.


Flawless projection

You can contact us for physical, hybrid or online meetings and events. All these forms of meetings must of course be supported by technology. Whether it's a meeting or a large conference, every room at BluePoint is equipped with modern and smart presentation equipment and AV tools.

For example, the largest event rooms at BluePoint Brussels are equipped with a fine example of projection! We opted for enormously large projection screens, combined with two 4K projectors. Simultaneous projection takes place on more than 50m2! A piece of top technology that provides an unprecedented show effect and live ambiance during your event or presentation!

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Even more 'wow-effect'?

Have you heard of 3D video mapping? This technology allows 3D images to be projected onto a static object on the stage.  You can be sure that this technology will provide a 'wow effect' and make many jaws drop.  It is guaranteed to make your presentation more spectacular and to provide an atmospheric setting for your event without distracting the attention of your audience.

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Perfect sound quality

Have you ever been to a conference where you could not actually hear the speaker? Or perhaps there was a delay between speaking and the broadcasting of the sound? Nothing more annoying!
At BluePoint, we ensure impeccable sound quality. We chose to integrate the speakers into the ceiling of our rooms. This guarantees a perfect sound balance and acoustics.

Our terraces, garden and roof terrace are also equipped with the necessary sound so that you do not have to sacrifice atmosphere and pleasant ambiance.

We also have professional wireless microphones. You even have the choice between a handheld, a tie or a table microphone. And do you really want to do something crazy and involve your audience in your presentation? Then choose the Catchbox microphone! This is a wireless microphone in the shape of a cube and a big hype in the AV world because it is the first microphone in the world that can be thrown. The soft cube with built-in microphone is therefore not only a functional but also a fun addition to all your presentations, brainstorming sessions, workshops and meetings.

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LED there be light…

Thanks to LED lighting, we also provide a colour and light spectacle.
LED lighting ensures original and sharply visible colours. It is also safer and more economical. An important plus for BluePoint! Our lighting enables us to create all possible light and colour effects. Besides our fixed installations, you can also use our portable lighting. Very handy to put certain decors in the spotlight.

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Green Key recording studio

One of the latest additions to BluePoint Brussels is one we are very proud of!
As of February 2022, we will be able to offer you a professional state-of-the-art 3D Green Key recording studio. With a surface area of 100m2 and a 70m2 stage, this is one of the largest studios in Brussels! The studio is also fully equipped with a permanent direction area, dressing room with make-up area and a lounge area. 5 Brand new cameras are ready to record all your modern video projects! It will be a gem!

Want to know more about it? Download the technical specifications of the studio here!

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Did you know that BluePoint also has a smaller 'self-service' green key recording studio?
It can be found in the Tech.Lounge on the fourth floor of the BluePoint Brussels building. Here you can record your own video in 5 easy steps. Ready to share on your social media or website. And what's more, you can set even your own customizable background on the green screen. Easy right?

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To podcast or not to podcast?

The podcast is gaining in popularity and with good reason: it is an easy way to be entertained whenever and wherever you want.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts that you can listen to at your own time, without commercial interruptions. Interviews, solo podcasts, conversations, news, bite-sized content: various formats are possible. For companies, podcasts are an ideal way to provide valuable, in-depth information to their audience: it strengthens the relationship with the existing audience and increases the reach to new listeners. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

And at BluePoint Antwerp, you can get started right away. Our podcast studio is a self-service studio so you can record an interesting podcast in no time. But if you need help, no problem! If you want you can call on one of our AV specialists!

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Creative spaces boosted by Tech!

Looking for a smaller space for more creative events? BluePoint can help you with this too!
In the digital brainstorming room you no longer need pen and paper. Connect online with your smartphone on the big digital screen and share your ideas. No more post-its needed for a fascinating brainstorming session!

The Classroom of the future offers a digital learning zone where companies can give their training, supported by technology. The area of 150m2 can be divided into one large learning zone and four smaller work zones equipped with digital learning tables.

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Have we triggered your interest?

BluePoint is your one-stop-shop for your live, hybrid and virtual events.
We use the latest technologies and techniques to get the most out of your corporate event.  BluePoint stands for high-quality equipment for video conferencing and live streaming, innovative presentation tools, ultra-strong wifi and a secure IT infrastructure! We offer numerous event facilities, and you can also count on the years of experience of our event advisors!

Do you want to check it out?
Feel free to contact us to take a closer look at all our technologies.  Call us on +32 2 706 88 00 or send an e-mail to