Co-working @ Tech.Lounge Brussels: The workplace of the future

Office rental & Coworking

Our preferred way of working has changed rapidly over the past few years, mainly due to technology. Therefore, more and more employees have developed a need for a more modern work environment instead of a standard office. The answer to this need, is Co-working.

Co-working is a concept that has been spreading across the globe for a while now, and has started an actual ‘disruption’ of the traditional office market. In Belgium, this ‘disruption’ has started a bit later than in the rest of Western Europe, which allows us to prepare for what is expected to happen. We had the opportunity to look at other countries, to help us decide what we will inspire our co-working spaces on.

The Tech.Lounge that was created on the fourth floor of BluePoint’s building in Brussels, a concept of co-working spaces combined with technology to help us stand out from similar projects. The Tech.Lounge has become a unique place to work and meet with colleagues and business partners, while enjoying the technological features of the creative work environment.


The new way of Brainstorming

 BluePoint 36JJ5 1608

One of these technological features, is the Brainstorming arena; a circle-shaped space in which the technology improves brainstorm sessions by the use of smartphones, and gets rid of the chaotic use of post-its. Everyone present in the meeting, including virtually present members, is able to actively voice their opinions and add their ideas to the screen simultaneously. Afterwards, everyone can get an overview of the brainstorm session, instead of having to take pictures of the notes and send them through to the other participants.


Video-producing at its easiest

Video recording studio2Video recording studio2

Another aspect of the Tech.Lounge that makes use of the newest technology, is the studio. In here, a professional video can be produced in only five simple steps. The room is equipped with a green key background, which allows to project a company logo, the company building, or any other preferred image (still or moving) to be on the background of the video. Not only does the studio offer the possibility to record a video, it also has the option to trim the video and upload it to YouTube or another online service.


Connecting and relaxing

Lounge gaming zone2Lounge gaming zone2

For some relaxation, the gaming area is the place to be. The Tech.Lounge offers a table of billiards in this space, as well as some comfortable chairs and couches. In other words, the perfect place to take a break from work, or make some new connections! After all, there are a lot of opportunities to meet interesting business people in a co-working setting.


Would you be interested in renting a co-working space, or do you want to get inspired?
Visit the Tech.Lounge at Boulevard A. Reyers 80 in Brussels, or take a look at the website