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Want to try an unexpected video format to better engage your audience? That's the challenge taken up by the Conseil Européen des Jeunes Agriculteurs (CEJA), which represents young farmers to the European institutions. The formula? A fast-paced, entertaining Late Night Show on the theme of climate change experienced by young farmers. Anna Van De Moosdijk, Project Officer at CEJA, talks about how CEJA's collaboration with the BluePoint studio enabled them to bring this daring project to life.


Why did you opt for the Late Night Show format?

Our aim is twofold: to communicate with the European institutions on agricultural issues, and to inform our members about current agricultural policy issues. For this first edition, we brought in speakers from Belgium, France and the Netherlands to offer a broader perspective to the audience.

Already popular in other fields, this infotainment format was quickly adopted with the firm intention of breaking with the communication habits of our sector. We wanted to tackle serious subjects in a light-hearted tone while avoiding at all costs the pitfalls that are often encountered: ultra-polarised debates, subjects that are too narrowly focused, and so on.

Simply said: the aim is to make Brussels accessible to farmers, and farmers accessible to Brussels.



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What is the concept behind the Young Farmers Late Night Show?

In the purest tradition of the Late Night Show, the speakers are seated on the guest couch and face the hosts' console. My colleague Sébastien Pérel, Policy Advisor at CEJA, and I took on the role of host. The show is broadcast live, punctuated by short video testimonials from young farmers. Although the theme of the first episode touches on a complex subject - climate change - the tone is resolutely relaxed and the writing is punctuated by notes of humour.


  • Name of Event: "Young Farmers Late Night Show
  • Theme: Young farmers and European bodies discuss climate change
  • Format: Digital
  • Number of participants: 80 managers connected during prime time, more than 500 views after the live broadcast
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Features: live talk show in 'Late Night Show' format, produced in the BluePoint studio and broadcast as a live stream, pre-recorded video testimonials
  • First broadcast: 1 November 2023
  • Public: farmers, representatives of agri-food sector interests in Brussels and officials within the European institutions.




What are the challenges for a project like this?

This project was a scoop in every respect! There were plenty of questions to answer: how do you bring creativity to the story while remaining informative? How do you give the programme a rhythm? How to read the prompter naturally? We were a little apprehensive before we started production of the show.

Then, during the show itself, we had to make sure that the speakers complied with the concise format inherent in a Late Night Show. And that's not always easy when you have to interview senior executives who are used to a fairly comfortable amount of speaking time! Responding appropriately to the guests' answers is just as tricky, and requires constant attention.



How did the Studio BluePoint team help you?

Firstly, when we were writing the storyboard: we received invaluable advice on how to structure it and which key elements it should contain. This helped us to write down what needed to be said during the show and to have a precise idea of how we were going to animate it. We also benefited from good advice on the decorative elements when we were preparing the set.

Finally, a few hours before the live show, we had a 'dry run' session to go through the storyboard again and to practice the reading from the prompter. It was also an ideal moment for our colleagues assigned to the role of technicians to check the sound and the visual effects. We were supported throughout the process and that gave us a lot of confidence.


Specially selected guests for the first edition

Anna: "For this premiere, we were lucky enough to welcome a diverse and influential group of personalities:

  • Wolfgang Burtscher, Director General of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, the most senior official in the European Commission's Directorate-General responsible for agricultural issues.
  • Assistant Professor at the Wageningen Research University in the Netherlands, Gabriel Moinet has provided invaluable lessons in the study of soils.
  • Justine Poppe, a young Flemish farmer from a family of dairy farmers and ambassador for our leadership programme.
  • Hortence Wiart, a young silviculturist from France

Finally, Peter Meedendorp, President of CEJA and a farmer in the Netherlands, reminded us of our missions at the end of the programme."


What do you consider to be the 3 most important strengths of the BluePoint studio?

In my opinion the main strengths are:

  • The team's professionalism and expertise: the final result was exactly what we expected.
  • The communication: it was simply perfect throughout the project!
  • The team’s passion for the job: you can feel the team’s commitment to understanding the client’s needs.
  • The value of the additional suggestions: It's this passion that has led Laurent and his team to come up with several ideas that we wouldn't have thought of, or that we wouldn't have dared to implement (dynamic changes of angle, use of sound effects, involvement of external guests, use of a professional make-up artist...).

So I can wholeheartedly recommend the studio to any organisation wishing to set up this kind of programme.

For our part, a second episode of Late Night Show is already in the making, and we're looking forward to working with the BluePoint studio again!


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Watch an extract from the "Young Farmers Late Night Show":