6 tips for successfully organizing your outdoor event , Covid proof!

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Outdoor events are the kinds of events everyone loves to attend. Whether they take place on breezy spring evenings, long summer days, or autumn afternoons, they’re the sort of get-togethers that stay in guests' memories forever. Outdoor events are also becoming more popular as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the events industry is undergoing new restrictions, which has forced the sector to reinvent itself. Event organizers, on top of their game, can turn these restrictions into advantages! Hosting your event outdoors, for instance, makes it possible to even attract a broader audience thanks to the option of an attractive event venue, an innovative event format, a relaxed ambience and much more…

Covid-19 will stay part of our lives for the close future. Consequently, outdoor events will gain importance as spring and summer approach. 

But how to start organizing an outdoor event which meets all the official guidelines and offers your visitors a Covid-proof event? Here are some tips!


1 – Finding the right venue

When planning an outdoor event, finding the right event venue or space is key.
There are lots of things you need to think about, including logistics, comfort, regulations and, in a COVID-19 world, above all safety.  The choice of your venue will depend on the type of event you wish to organize but also on the crowd size you are expecting. 

Your outdoor venue needs to be easily accessible for your guests but also when it comes to catering, entertainment or equipment hire. Having an outdoor venue that’s easy to reach and offers easy logistics handling, should be a high priority. 

Don’t forget sufficient parking facilities and public transportation,  along with accessibility to power plugs, internet and running water. For outdoor events, these aspects can often be more complicated, so it’s important to consider this when you’re booking your venue.

Also, make sure that the venue complies with all current Covid regulations.  This is often stated on the event venue's website.


2 – Make safety a priority when choosing a venue

Setting up an outdoor event involves contributions by countless different professionals, such as caterers, sound and light av professionals, companies to set up an outdoor stage for presentations etc. When approaching these contributors, ask about their safety policies for both their staff and event attendees.  Or better yet, try to book an event venue which offers all these services under one roof! Their experience saves you a lot of time and stress when organizing the event, and provides additional safety for your organization and event attendees.


3 – Distribute safety supplies and arrange for safety agents

Organizers of outdoor events are responsible for their audience.  They must implement certain measures and communicate around them without discouraging potential attendees.  To do so, you can provide sufficient safety supplies such as masks and hand sanitisers for your guests.
You can even set up strategically placed distribution points for these materials, especially near food or drinks and by the entrance and exit points. Most attendees will bring their supplies and the ones who might forget, will be very grateful.  Having these supplies visibly present will also reassure your attendees of the safety measures of your event.  And, of course, people using these safety supplies minimize infection risks.

Highlight that the use of masks is required to attend your event, even if it is held outside and when social distancing cannot be adhered to. Explain that these are used during your event as an extra precaution to keep all guests safe.  Book some extra agents who make sure that guests respect the guidelines and regulate queuing at catering points for example.

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4 – Designate spaces and distances

Since social distancing is very important, this is a factor that should not be overlooked.
One way to respect the distance is to place the furniture, tables and chairs at a sufficient distance from each other and the stage.

If you have several speakers at your event, it is also convenient to use Plexi partitions between them for extra safety.

Place social distance signs at the entrances and exits of your event and also at other places where queues or groups of people may form such as bars, catering areas and bathrooms.  Maybe even provide floor markings to ensure this remains at the top of their mind. 

In addition, you can stagger arrival and departure times to help people keep their distance.

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5 – Choose the right food and beverage formula

Catering too must be adapted to the new Covid standards.  It is best not to opt for a buffet during your outdoor event.  This will lead to queues and gatherings of people. 

It is better to opt for a ‘takeaway’ form of catering, where participants receive complete and pre-packaged meals. 

Use disposable cups, plates and cutlery which provides the safest option during a pandemic and make sure that packaging is eco-friendly.

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6 – Implement screening

Finally, consider screening attendees on the day of the event. You can do a quick temperature check using infrared thermometers.  Another option is rapid self-tests, which are increasingly becoming available. While going through the safety screening, they can also enter the event while using contactless scanning of tickets. 

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Outdoor events during spring and summer offer you a much safer way to boost your business and finally let people interact in person again. Taking into consideration the tips above, you and your attendees can benefit from face-to-face time at minimum risk. And we all know how much your target audience will appreciate this after such a long time using only screens to talk to.


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