4 tips to find the perfect event location

Events & Meetings

The large offer of event venues nowadays does not make it easier to choose the right location for an event.

Many venue finder websites like eventonline.be, salino.be and dnls.be can definitely help in making the first selection, but how do you know which location is the most suitable for your event, your company and your goals?



Next to the venue finder websites, we recommend visiting the websites of the locations themselves. Is it easy to find information about access, parking possibilities, infrastructure, room capacity and additional services like catering, audio-visual support etcetera?


Definitely also look for testimonials or reviews of clients that have already made use of the venue. In case you cannot find this information on the website itself, you can look at eventplanner.be if the location has been evaluated by other companies. This service by eventplanner is comparable to a ‘TripAdvisor’ for event venues.

Additionally, you can discover which companies already use the venue and for what type of events.

Social Media

Social Media

Certainly also take a look at other online channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, where a lot of useful information can be found on the locations themselves. What is happening in the venues? What impression do you get from the location? How do visitors experience the location and which photos or posts can inspire and assure you?

Site visit

As soon as you have made a choice for a certain venue, we highly recommend visiting the location. You will see that during a visit many tips & tricks can be revealed and guarantee you the success of the event even more.

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