10 essential characteristics of a successful coworking space

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Traditional working has changed considerably in the last decade thanks to new technologies and the internet. Coworking is a strong example of this, as current entrepreneurs now share their office space and work together with freelancers, start-ups and employees from other companies. In this blog we would like to give you an overview of the 10 most important characteristics that a good coworking space must meet in order to become a successful community!


Many companies need small office spaces that can grow along with their success. Coworking offers the possibility to reduce operational costs.  You are not bound by long-term contracts and you have no additional costs for furniture, internet & telephone cabling because your workplace is immediately ready to use.  There are both economic and practical benefits associated with coworking compared to traditional office rental.  


The location of the coworking space is very important. Of course you don't want to lose much time by commuting. Choose a location that is relatively close to your home in the first place. In addition, you can take other options into account such as parking, proximity to customers, restaurants and so on.


Everyone has their motive to opt for coworking, but it appears that especially the pleasant company and the exchange of knowledge, experience and feedback are the deciding factors.  Choose a coworking space where you feel at home and where you can surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.


A close-knit community with like-minded people often creates a great atmosphere.
A coworking place combines the flexibility of the home office with the atmosphere of a coffee bar. The uniqueness of a coworking space encourages work. There are always people you can ask something, bounce ideas off someone or just join them for a fun chat.  


As an entrepreneur you want your business data to be safe. Therefore,  search for a location with a high safety standard, both online and offline. Does the location have a safety adviser? Does the location have surveillance cameras? Ask what their procedure is for data breaches and ask if they have anti-hacking software.


When you work on location, you also want access to the necessary office equipment. This ranges from pens and staples to sufficient copiers. Of course a fast and stable internet connection is also necessary and pay attention to the latest technologies and gadgets such as digital flipcharts, interactive whitboards, video conferencing or a trendy coffee printer!


It is very common to invite your guests to a meeting room in a coworking space. Sometimes you will also need a private room so that you can meet without being disturbed. Therefore choose a coworking room with at least two separate meeting rooms which can be reserved in advance.  


Besides the traditional office functions, a coworking room has a functional kitchenette or even a lounge bar. In addition, a delicious cup of coffee should shouldn’t be missing. This way you can not only enjoy your coffee break but also relax in a pleasant environment!


The fact that the other coworkers aren’t your direct colleagues, does not mean that you don’t have a nice collaboration with them. A good coworking place knows this and regularly organizes fun community events or afterwork parties to strengthen the ties between co-workers. This can improve the office atmosphere and make everyone more productive in the long term!


After all the work, meetings and concentrating, relaxation must also have its place within the coworking space. This often includes cozy relaxation areas with different seating areas, pool or table tennis, darts, etc. On sunny days it is always nice if the coworking room has a pleasant terrace or garden to really enjoy your break.


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