Audio-visual equipment & support

The success of an event is linked, among other things, to the quality of the audio-visual material. The Av equipment in BluePoint's meeting rooms will help make every presentation run smoothly. Thanks to the Barco ClickShare technology, which is available in all our meeting rooms, you can easily start up every presentation in no time. 

No extra cables are needed! In larger rooms, you can rely on a complete sound system with a choice of table, portable or headset microphones. BluePoint's technical staff will always help you get started with your event.  A tip: if you want to use several microphones at the same time during your event, we always recommend hiring one of our AV staff.  They will take care of the proper operation of the audio table, ensuring a flawless sound experience (and less stress). This is also highly recommended for more complex presentations with video clips and/or external speakers.  BluePoint will also provide additional mood lighting or other special effects so that your event stands out!  

Do you need an event director? That is also possible at BluePoint!  The audio-visual expertise and high-tech infrastructure also make BluePoint an ideal partner for all your hybrid or virtual events. Live streaming equipment for broadcasting your event is available on-site and at BluePoint Brussels you can also use a brand new professional green key recording studio for complete virtual events and video recordings.

audiovisual event support at bluepoint brussels

BluePoint is your one-stop-shop for live, virtual, and hybrid events!

meeting room bluepoint antwerpen

BluePoint Antwerp

At BluePoint Antwerp, all rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment and a technical expert is on-site. Via Barco ClickShare technology, you can connect your laptop in no time: Plug & play! 

There is no need to bring your equipment or to hire another audio-visual partner.  The larger halls at BluePoint have a professional sound infrastructure that allows you to use various portable microphones. A technician at the sound desk will ensure impeccable sound. BluePoint Antwerp is also happy to provide the mood lighting in your company's colors and the immense LED screen at the entrance to the building can be fully personalized, as can the digital speakers' podium in the rooms themselves.

For events with more complex audio-visual needs, you can also hire additional technicians and even an event director for a maximum experience for the participants. BluePoint always invests in top-notch material and can therefore perfectly accompany you for hybrid and virtual events. Your event will be recorded and, if desired, broadcast live via a live streaming platform. BluePoint takes care of the broadcasting of your event so that participants can also participate from a distance. BluePoint Antwerp provides all the necessary audio-visual support for live, hybrid, and virtual events!

BluePoint Brussels

At BluePoint Brussels, technology takes center stage. All rooms are equipped with high-tech audio-visual equipment that guarantees a flawless meeting or event. For meetings, you can usually use the Barco ClickShare technology for all your presentations. Just connect your laptop and off you go! 

The larger event rooms have sound systems with table microphones, and portable or headset microphones. Our sound engineers turn the knobs on the soundboard when you need several microphones at the same time. You don't have to worry about that anymore.  The largest room at BluePoint Brussels is equipped with two 4K projectors giving you countless projection possibilities. For complex presentations with several speakers (even remote speakers), or with various video clips, BluePoint Brussels deploys several AV experts so that your event can shine. You also have many more options when it comes to lighting effects that can provide a real spectacle. Mood lighting is always fully personalized to the colors of your company/organization. On top of that, you can also personalize the large LED screen that you immediately see when entering the building for your event.  Just like the hologram you see when entering our underground parking lot. BluePoint Brussels also has translation booths for multilingual events.

meeting room bluepoint brussels

Thanks to our research and investment in new and useful event technologies, BluePoint has many years of experience in live streaming.  We take care of the recording and broadcasting of your event so that participants can also follow your event from a distance. Other rooms are equipped with the right technology to connect participants remotely with others who are at the meeting location itself. This makes BluePoint a perfect partner for hybrid meetings and events. If you are interested in a completely virtual event, then BluePoint Brussels is also the right place for you! There is a brand new professional green key recording studio ready for you! Here you can record a live broadcast or make a video recording for postponed broadcasts. BluePoint Brussels offers you the necessary technical expertise for all events: live, hybrid and virtual!


meeting room bluepoint  Liège

BluePoint Liege

All BluePoint Liège meeting and event rooms are equipped with high-quality AV equipment for the smooth running of all your events. 

Technology is in our DNA! At BluePoint, there is no need to provide your equipment or to work with another audio-visual company. Simply connect your laptop via the Barco ClickShare technology and you're ready to start. If you need microphones, no problem! If you use several microphones simultaneously, assistance is available through a BluePoint AV expert.

The largest room at BluePoint Liège also has impressive lighting options. So we'll incorporate your company colors into the lighting style of the hall! BluePoint Liege can also help you with hybrid and fully virtual events. The event location not only has the equipment available but also has the necessary in-house expertise to make these new forms of events successful!