Meeting rooms

Are you looking for a unique meeting room in the region of Antwerp?

Are you looking for a meeting venue for rent in the green belt of Antwerp? At BluePoint you can exclusively meet in various inspiring meeting rooms in Antwerp. Rent one of our exclusive meeting rooms in Antwerp and increase your chances of a successful meeting.
Renting a meeting room in BluePoint Antwerp offers you a stimulating, motivating and creative environment for participants during the meeting. Furthermore we have enough parking facilities in our underground parking and on the large parking in front of the building.


bluepoint antwerpen vergaderzalen

Book a meeting venue in Antwerp with BluePoint and enjoy of:

  • Natural day light, air conditioning, water, notebooks and pens for your participants
  • Professional projection, audio material, digital flipcharts and other tech tools
  • Comfortable furniture for a flexible seating arrangement
  • Outstanding in-house catering


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